Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sachin Tendulkar - Not satisfied?

According to a report in the Hindustan Times today, Sachin Tendulkar, the "god of cricket" has said that he is still not satisfied and content with his batting skills.Well if Tendulkar's game is not perfect then who's is? That does n't mean that I think Tendulkar's game is perfect. He makes mistakes like every other batsman but his style of play and adaptability to different formats and situations of the game is the best in cricket. Even though the great man has almost all the coveted records a batsman can have in cricket with the most runs and centuries in both test and one-day cricket but his statement clearly proves that he is still not done with his batting. He still has more to give to this game. In his words Cricket is his life and life without cricket is unimaginable.

 Rightly so, as the legendary batsman keeps re-inventing himself to suit the ever-changing nature of the game. He has started improvising much more and has included different shots in his Armour which he would never have played 10 years back. From the raw and ferocious Tendulkar of 1990's to the now settled, responsible and mature Tendulkar of the new decade, he simply seems immortal. Now he has shifted his focus to finish matches for his team. He is happy to play the sheet anchor role and do the hitting at just the right time. He has worked on his fitness and his choice of tours and has kept his body fresh for the important tours and tournaments
. He knows that now the Indian team has many match winners apart from himself unlike the 1990's when India was all about Tendulkar. He has realized his dream of being a part of the no. 1 test side and a world cup winning team. Now his aim must be to  keep India in the dominant position in world cricket and improve his game further and make it more flawless than before. Tendulkar is an amazing student of the game and yearns to learn more all the time. He is just like the old wine getting better and better with age and looks probably in the best form in his 2 decade career. So fans have a good news, their beloved Tendulkar is not hanging his boots just yet. His new career with a world champion team has just started.

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