Thursday, 16 June 2011

BCCI is the don of cricket..

BCCI-the Board of Control for Cricket in India  has almost become the board of control of cricket in the world. That time has long gone back when decisions in the cricket world were a matter of discussion between mainly 2 countries, England and Australia with a little contribution from others. It has changed but for worse as it is now a matter of discussion among people of a single country.

BCCI have truly become the don of cricket. What else can you say when everything in even the so called world cricket body ICC is almost solely influenced by BCCI. India has become the powerhouse of cricket with its all time huge audience and the fact that the BCCI is the richest cricket board. India is the world no. 1 test team. India won the 2011 cricket world cup and look set to dominate world cricket together with the BCCI. There have been a lot of cases where BCCI has used its dominance to turn cricket for their own good.

First would be the recent UDRS controversy where every cricket board seems to have trusted the new law of technical intervention in umpire's decision except BCCI because its star players Tendulkar and Dhoni are opposing it. BCCI is trying hard to keep the UDRS away and irrespective of what the world wants and more imporatantly what the other country wants, India in its bilateral series are not using UDRS just because they had a bad time with it in Sri Lanka in 2008. If there is a rule then its the same for everyone. The benefits and drawbacks would be the same for everyone, then why so much fuss. But why would the BCCI listen, when their stars don't want it why would they let others have it.They are truly a bunch of angry people.

Already a money powerhouse, BCCI brought about one more change in world cricket. On the lines of the Premier league in football , the Indian Premier League was born. Cricket was commercialized without limits as bollywood stars bought teams,players were auctioned like expensive goods and were huge bucks. The league intended to find young local talent became a business with BCCI making large profits. They even put ICC under immense pressure to give IPL a separate window in the FTP calendar. Well they have got an automatic window where indian players are free but other players from other countries have fallen for the bait and are leaving their international commitments despite injuries. Players are announcing retirements from test cricket for IPL(lasith malinga) while some are fighting with their board(chris gayle). The Indian star players have no choice but to play in the IPL inspite of they tired they might be. This can jeopardise test cricket but who cares, BCCI is happy making profits.

In 2009 India climbed to the top of ICC test rankings. Suddenly BCCI's interest in test cricket was revived. The FTP originally stated thet South Africa would play 5 one dayers in India in 2010 but BCCI was aware that due to lack of test cricket in the next seson , India might lose the crown so immediately BCCI used their mafia powers to change the tour into 2 tests and 3 ODI's. While they lost the first game on a lively pitch. they came back in the next game on a turner. BCCi shaped up the cricket calendar to suit them and their team. Also whwnever India tours a country, BCCI ensures the match timings are set according to the timings of Indian audience. While it does help the Indian audience to watch matches but what about the local cricket fans who are left disgusted and what we see are empty stands like the 2007 world cup or the Current India-West Indies series. But who cares, BCCI is happy.

With Sharad powar as the current ICC president, nothing will change win world cricket. India is truly dominating cricket both on and off the field. And BCCI, well, is the "DON" of cricket.

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