Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Reviewing ICC's recent changes..

So another era has begun in international cricket. Some new changes have rocked International cricket. Many new changes were made to cricket in the ICC board meeting yesterday. While some changes were actually needed, there were some which might turn out to be blunders.

1. DRS mandatory but without hawkeye- Well even though it seems BCCI has lost the battle on DRS to the rest of the world but still they had the last say and got hawkeye eliminated from DRS. The decision is not bad considering the fact that the use of DRS has been mandatory and that too with hot-spot and snickometer. Yes, hot spot and snickometer are better and are not associated with prediction but with a replay of an actual event but does n't hawkeye provide an alternative(may be a clearer)  picture when used in addition to the other 2 technologies. While hawk-eye can be used if agreed by both the boards but BCCI letting it being used in the series against England looks unlikely.

2. No runner for batsman- This decision seems to be incorrect for the fact that its the allowed runners that make cricket a unique team sport where players can ask for help from their teammates while on the field. Nothing of that sort happens or can even happen in any other sport. This way the uniqueness of this great sport will be taken away. Put it like this. Its a world cup final, a player is set to guide his team to the target when suddenly he collides with another player and now he is injured where he cannot run but can bat. Would n't this rule would cost that team the world cup. This rule might give encouragement to bowlers or fielders to √§ccidently" collide with the players in crunch situations as ina ny case they wont be allowed runners if they are injured.

3. New balls from both ends- This rule is a lifeline to the bowlers at a time when the game was becoming more and more of  a batsman. With this new rule, ball will seam and swing for a longer time and pose threat to batsman for a longer time. Bowlers are set to enjoy this but then they might have to sacrifice reverse swing for this extended persistence of shining ball.

4. Powerplay between 16-40 overs- This rule is good as well as bad. On one hand it will help spice up the boring middle overs in a one-day match but on the other hand the concept of handing the bowling and batting team authority to use the powerplay according to their demand is a little bit lost as they might want to take it after 40 overs accordingly as they might be losing wickets in the 35-40 overs but they will be forced to take the powerplay according to the rule.

5. Only 1 review allowed per innings in ODI's- This surely seems a blunder as many a times there are more than 2 blunders in an innings. If you can only challenge 1 blunder per innings, then whats the need for this DRS. Maybe they could have stayed with the rule or the rule could have been that in case of a successful review the allowed number of reviews stayed.

6. Qualifying tournament for associate nations- This has helped to keep the "world" in the world cup as a world cup of only 10 nations would not help to spread the sport globally. It would be good to see teams earning their place in the world cup which would give any new nation in cricket a chance to feature in the world cup. 

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