Friday, 9 March 2012

5 reasons why we love Rahul Dravid

9th March will always be a sad day for cricket fans all over the world as it is on this day that Rahul Dravid decided to hang his boots and not show his batting prowess in international cricket anymore. Dravid remains India's finest cricketer, gentleman and the best ever servant of Indian cricket. He needs no tribute or justification of his calibre as a batsman. He was, is and will always remain a legend and has his place in the list of top 5 best test batsmen ever in the history of cricket. We love Rahul Dravid for innumerable reasons. Given below are 5 reasons why we love Rahul Dravid and will never ever forget him even after he has retired.

The records and the numbers-  Indians love the big numbers and all the records. And Dravid has plenty of them. Though the numbers alone can't define the great man, but they will certainly continue to give us joy whenever we will remember his playing days. Dravid played 164 tests scoring 13288 runs at an average of 52.31 with 36 hundreds and a best of 270 against Pakistan. Dravid is 2nd in the all time run scorers list in test cricket, behind only Sachin Tendulkar. Dravid has the most catches in test cricket with a tally of 210 catches. Dravid played 94 tests away from home and averages 53.03 in away tests which is higher than his overall average. 21 of his 36 hundreds have come away from home and 3 of his 5 double hundreds have also come away from home. In the 3rd and 4th innings too Dravid has a brilliant average of 41.83 with 6 hundreds to his name. Dravid has been involved in 85 century partnerships which is the most for any batsman. He has the 2nd longest streak of playing consecutive tests. He played 94 tests on the trot. Dravid has faced the highest number of deliveries in test cricket. He was the first batsman to face 30000 balls. Dravid shares the record for the 2nd highest opening stand ever. He shared an opening partnership of 410 with Sehwag against Pakistan. Away from home, this becomes the highest ever opening stand. Dravid was the first batsman to score a hundred against every test playing nation away from home. Dravid has scored the most no. of runs at no. 3 position.

Match winner- Dravid scored runs when the team needed him the most. He has always been a match winner for India.In the 56 tests India won in his career, Dravid scored 5131 runs at a phenomenal average of 65.78 with 15 hundreds. His average goes up even higher when we look at victories away from home. Dravid played in an era where Indian team started winning matches abroad and Dravid was an integral part of these victories. In the 24 away victories in his career, Dravid scored 2293 runs at an average of 69.48 with 7 hundreds. Dravid has scripted many famous victories for India including the one against Australia in Kolkata in 2001 where he along with Laxman took India to victory after being enforced the follow on. Another one was India's most memorable test victory away from home. It was against Australia at Adelaide where India beat Australia even after conceding 556 runs in the 1st innings. Dravid top scored with 233 in the first innings and the 72* in the 2nd innings to see India home. Dravid was a fighter who had the ability to take his team to victory alone. And thats one of the reasons why we are indebted to him.

True servant of Indian Cricket- There has never a been a bigger and better servant of Indian cricket than the great man Dravid. He has selflessly served Indian cricket for 16 years. In 2003 WC, India did not want to field a specialist keeper on the cost of a batsman. Dravid was asked to keep wickets. Dravid, the gentleman he is not only accepted the responsibility gleefully but did not make us feel the need for a specialist keeper. In 2006-07, India did not have a permanent opening partner for Sehwag. The man who all his life had hit tons of runs at no. 3 position was asked to open the innings. Dravid got out of his comfort zone and accepted the responsibility. His opening stint includes a world record opening partnership of 410. In 2005 Ganguly was sacked from captaincy. In this time of turmoil it was Dravid who stepped up to lead the team and took the team out of all the controversies. He captained India to series victories in West Indies and England and a first test victory in South Africa. Dravid throughout his career was regarded as a man who could n't play one day cricket. But Dravid changed his game and was successful in ODI's. In 2008 he was dropped from the ODI team but recalled in 2009 Champions Trophy as India required a top class batsman. Even in 2011 he was again recalled in the one day series against England for similar reasons. Anybody would refuse to play if such kind of a treatment is meted out to him but Dravid was different and showed why he is Dravid. Any other player would have said "Why Me" but then Dravid was not like others.

A Treat to watch- In the last 15 years, if any batsman epitomized perfection then it was The Wall Dravid. He was a treat to watch and no other batsman batted as beautifully as he did. His forward defensive stroke, his cover drive, the cut shot off the back foot, the pull shot whenever it came out of his armory, straight drive down the ground with elbow high up. One can just go on and on. He was the most technically brilliant batsman of his era. Dravid's batting would always be etched in our memories and no other batsman  can give us the kind of joy Dravid used to give while he was batting.

The Gentleman- Whenever someone talks about gentlemen in cricket, Dravid's name comes to the mind immediately. The great man was a true gentleman who made us believe that cricket indeed is a gentleman's game. In an era where spirit of cricket was forgotten many a times, Dravid's on field and off field conduct was always brilliant. Dravid was the epitome of sportsman spirit. Dravid was always seen shaking hands even after an India defeat and was quick to congratulate an opposition player if he reaches a landmark. He was never seen fighting, abusing or losing his temper unnecessarily on the field. His down to Earth nature is admirable and an inspiration to not only cricketers but all human beings. He was very hardworking and a keen student of the game. If young cricketers need to look up to someone on how to carry yourself as a cricketer, Dravid is the one to watch and learn. He is a great ambassador of the game and role model to everyone. That is another reason why he is loved across the globe.

Rahul Dravid would always be missed and as Tendulkar Said- "There was and is only one Rahul Dravid. There can be no other".


  1. I think the BCCI and the controversy between Sehwag and Dhoni which is the cause behind Indian Cricket team loss in Test Series against Australia, and media has unnecessarily create hype for the senior players to go. Actually Dhoni should quit from Test Cricket who show his willingness to quit Test Cricket. This is not only the Drawid who had bad Test Series but also the other senior players and the junior players. Why BCCI and media forced Dravid to quit test cricket.

    According to me players like Sachin and Drawid are treasure of Indian Cricket and they should not be forced to quit like this. This is very bad that such a nice player of Indian Cricket has to quit like this. We will see how junior players or Dhoni or Sehwag will play like Drawad.

    It is very bad that Drawid has to go like this.

  2. I don't think that Dravid was forced to retire. he felt like he should hang his boots now and he did. A poor test series at the end of his career will not make him any less. He was and is still a legend. some bad circumstances cannot take that away.

  3. I am Great fan of Mr. Rahul Dravid..Beautiful post...

    1. I have to agree on all these five reasons why we love Rahul Dravid, and why can't someone love him??? I would not really understand!

  4. Great ambassador of Indian Cricket...