Monday, 28 November 2011

Darren Bravo- The Silver Lining in the West Indies

India as expected have won the test series against West Indies. India won the 3 match series 2-0 even though they missed the 3-0 victory by a whisker infact just a run. India performed clinically at home in the first 2 tests while they came back very strongly in the 3rd test. On the other hand the West Indies were jittery and not up to the mark in terms of test performance and were highly inconsistent. But one good thing that has emerged from this West Indies side is Darren Bravo. Darren Bravo is the nephew of the great Brian Lara and is showing early signs of another Lara in making. He is already being tipped as a future great and the world is taking notice of the young man's talent.

Performance in series against India- Darren Bravo has impressed one and all by his good performance against India. He was the highest run scorer in the series against India. In 3 tests he amassed 404 runs at an average of 67.33 with 2 big hundreds and 1 score close to 50. In the 2nd test at kolkata with West indies following on he was the lone ranger who was denying India an early victory. In the 3rd test on a flat Wankhede wicket he took advantage and scored the 2nd 150+ score of his career. At a time when your team's batsmen are struggling to get runs, it is not easy to play a long innings but Bravo showed that he is a long innings player who would not throw away his wicket easily. And considering the fact that foreign players usually struggle in India against spinners, his performance here is surely a sign of a good batsmen in making.

Emulating uncle Lara- Being the great Brian Lara's nephew, it was obvious that comparisons would be made but the guy actually reminds everyone of the great man. Be it his face or walking style or mannerisms or batting style, everything seems Lara like. Darren Bravo has so far played 13 tests and has scored 1155 runs at an average of 52.5 with 3 hundreds and 6 50's. And all the hundreds are big hundreds. His lowest above 100 score so far is 136. Even Brian Lara had scored about a 1000 runs in his first 13 matches and had an average of about 53. The comparison does n't end here. Bravo's high backlift, the way he shuffles while playing a ball and the free flowing drives he plays, all resemble Lara. But that does n't take anything away from his ability as a player. He has made a place for himself in cricket and is the man everyone will monitor closely in the following cricketing season.

As a player- Darren Bravo as a player is brilliant. He is the only batsman in the West indies line up who looks to be a long inning player. He has almost all the shots in his armory. his drives are fluent, he does n't poke at the balls and is a fierce player on the leg side. He has a cool head on his shoulders and has a good temperament. Till now he is showing ample promise as a batsman but many players are there who show a lot of promise in the beginning but then fade away as time passes. Bravo is receiving a lot of attention and every team would now be looking upto him. Opposition captains would plan and try hard to get him out. This might lead to a dip in form and a dip in form for a new player is always lethal. He might lose confidence. As Lara has said Bravo needs to pull up his socks even more as he is now being noticed by everyone. This is the time he needs to make leaps in his international career and try to work hard to become a better and better batsman. Being Lara like for 2 years is easy but emulating the kind of success he achieved over 16 years is a challenge. Lets see if the nephew can emulate his uncle and become the next legend from the Carribean.


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