Monday, 8 August 2011

"Why me"- By Dravid

After hearing all about Dravid's surprise selection in the India ODI team for England, some say it was the best move,  some say it was a mistake, I am trying to figure what the man must be feeling about it. Is he embarrassed about it or by announcing his retirement after the series, does he want to try to show the selectors his worth who did not consider him for the ODI format in the series or is he happy playing the Test format only?

"Ah! Again another new responsibility. I have to don India colors in an ODI yet again. I thought I was doing enough for the country in tests. In a way I don't mind donning India colors again but why again after putting me aside 2 years back, after shoving me away 4 years back. This has happened to me all my career. I have been always asked to perform the tough task while the rest remained in their protective backyards. Before the 2003 World cup, my skipper Ganguly told me that we need an extra batsman but at the cost of a keeper. That means somebody not a regular keeper had to keep wickets. As always it was me who was chosen. My love for my team and nation made me practice day and night and well I did not do it that bad. We reached the finals in a very successful world cup. When Saurav lost his captaincy due to some controversies with our coach Chappell and bad form, somebody had to step up and captain a relatively new side torn apart by the controversies. It was me yet again captaining India. Although it was my dream but it was not the best of times but I loved to take it. Then the new players like Raina, Uthappa, Pathan etc had to be encouraged and required to bat at the top. Again it was me who sacrificed my top order position and fit in the role of a finisher. Then when I was not able to play as fast as i was required to, I was thrown out. But did they realize they asked me to curb my defensive game that is apt for no. 3 position to play the role of a finisher. I tried and did well for a while but as soon as I failed all my contributions were forgotten. Then I decided to focus on my real game, Test cricket. But when the team were short of a regular opener It was "only" me who had to sacrifice his favorite no. 3 position, I don't like to open but who cares. In 2009 when India had to play the champions trophy on the bouncy tracks of South Africa, I was called back because they knew my technique was good. But as soon as we got back to the flat lifeless Sub-continent tracks I was ignored again. I felt like I had been used and thrown like cheap trash. And now again when the team is in turmoil on the seaming tracks of England I have been called again. I am happy to contribute to the team once more but I am afraid I might face the same I did in 2009. I am kind of embarrassed to see India in such state. The young players with faulty techniques and inability to play short stuff. I love my nation and would never shy away from sacrificing but then I feel now why. Why can't I be left alone to play gracefully in tests. I have announced my retirement in ODI's after the series but I hope such things never happen in future to other players.  

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